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Inspired in the Dogs sense!

About Dog is Awesome
Dog is Awesome is a Swiss Brand for Dog Lovers and Dog People. The company designs and produces high quality and modern Dog accessories. The company also creates and markets gift items and dresses with original messages and designs. So that everyone can share the infinite joy that you experience in life with a Dog. Simply everything a Dog owner and Dog lover must have.

The company, based in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland, sells to wholesalers and retailers and to numerous companies in the pet industry. It offers various services and offers Dog lovers the opportunity to offer the brand in their own business. The company works closely with animal welfare organizations to make generous donations by selling branded products.
The Idea
Yory Garcia has always wanted to do something for animal welfare as support. With the idea of being able to make the world a little better for abandoned and abused Dogs. In 2019, Yory launched the Dog is Awesome (DIA) brand, which pursues exactly this goal. The motivation is to be able to give Dog fans around the world something special. «Live your life with a Dog».
The Company History
The brand was created through the inspiration of the Dog. To be precise, by Goofy and Limba, both of whom come from animal welfare.
A bit untypical for a startup, the idea of Dog is Awesome developed during our time in Huntington Beach, CA and then started to implement the idea in a small house in Spain. For private reasons, we went back to Switzerland in September 2019. After a 3-month break, DIA was able to develop further in Switzerland and establish the brand. DIA is located in a small village in the canton of Aargau, including storage facilities. As a newcomer, the range is growing steadily. It started with the collection of lifestyle items with the motto ** STYLE WITH ATTITUDE **. Then followed high-quality neoprene Dog leashes and collars. As a special collection, DIA designed the extremely light mesh product family, which is light and comfortable to wear for the Dog and also for the Dog owner. DIA then launched the "Dog is Awesome Rescue" project to support animal welfare. DIA Rescue is a project where donations are automatically made to animal welfare organizations when purchasing items. As you can see, there is always something new and we will always keep you informed - via our Facebook fan page, or of course via our newsletter.
The Logo
The DIA logo was designed with meaning and background. It shows in the middle of a closed circle, the Dog's paw in the hand of man. The meaning of it according to Mahatma Gandhi: “THE GREATNESS OF A NATION AND ITS MORAL PROGRESS CAN BE JUDGED BY THE WAY ITS ANIMALS ARE TREATED.” At the very front of the logo is our first rescued protégé Goofy, who has completely changed our way of life «A DOG CAN CHANGE THE WAY YOU SEE THE WORLD».
About Yory Garcia - Founder, Co-Owner & Managing Director of Dog is Awesome
I was born in the canton of Zurich in Switzerland. After graduating as a restaurant specialist in 2000, many years of catering career followed until becoming Assistant COO of a renowned restaurant company in Zurich. Throughout my life, numerous animals have accompanied me by my side. In 2017 I adopted «Goofy» with my husband and we decided to take a break. The trip went through the USA for 9 months and then to Spain. In Spain I volunteered for animal welfare, something I always wanted to do, but I didn't have the time in Switzerland. So our «Limba» came to our family in January 2019. It was through this journey that Dog is Awesome was born. Inspired by the Dog based on the motto and book by Gila Kurtz: Fur Covered Wisdom: A Dog Can Change the Way You See the World.
With my name I run Dog is Awesome ethically and with honesty & integrity. DIA is said to have a positive impact on the lives of people and Dogs. I am creative and positive thinking. Always with the desire to support animal welfare and to make life a little better for many abandoned Dog souls. It is easy and straightforward to do business with me and DIA. I feel responsible for our customers, business partners and DIA pack fans to offer great service for everyone.

     Dog is Awesome - Dog is Everything - Dog is Everywhere

                                                                     From the heart for you and your Dog
                                                                           Your Dog is Awesome Team
                                                                            Yory with GOOFY & LIMBA
                                                                      ***Inspired in the Dogs Sense***