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Even as a small child, I always had animals. Birds, mice, gold and dwarf hamsters and a turtle enriched my childhood. As a child, I always cared for and fed cats for my neighbors. As a teenager, I regularly took care of the dog "Jenny" from my neighborhood, a beautiful Golden Retriever.
When I left my parents' home at that time, it was not long before I had to buy another pet. It was more than 15 years with 5 rabbits, which enriched my life and my husband. After these 15 years, we decided to adopt a dog from the shelter.
Since the beginning of 2017 Goofy is by our side and since January 2019 the mixed breed dog Limba which we have adopted in Spain. We lived in Spain, where I worked intensively in an animal shelter and helped and gained even more animal experience. I took care of partially physically and psychologically extremely neglected dogs there.
From all my experiences with animals since my childhood, the idea of ​​Dog is Awesome and pet care has emerged.
I am pleased to meet you and your Pet and to give you the best possible and most trustworthy care.

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