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Pet care for Rodents, Rabbits, Birds and Turtles

Visit once a day incl. Feed CHF 15.- (on weekdays)
Visit twice a day incl. Feed CHF 25.- (on weekdays)
Clean rodent cage or bird cage completely CHF 15.- (on weekdays)
Weekend surcharge per day CHF 5.-
Monthly fee for long-term commitment by arrangement.
Holidays from 10 days 5% discount on the total price
Access: up to 5 km are included in the price
Over 5 km, surcharge per km CHF 1.-
Included in our price are:
Empty the mailbox, ventilate the apartment / house, water the flowers, look after the animals and take care of them.


Do you have different and several animals? Offer on request

Rides for purchases: Flat rate depending on km and time spent + total shopping list
Trips to the vet: Flat rate depending on km and time required on request
Price changes reserved
Discount for 5425 Schneisingen on all prices 5%

Prices for seniors and young adults up to 23 years (no longer living with the parents)
We know that many older people in our country have money worries. That's why we offer services at lower prices once you reach AHV age. We are also aware that young people under the age of 23 do not yet earn so much money (education, studies, etc.). They also have the right to a discount with us, so that your pets can be lovingly cared for while you are away.

Discount seniors / and up to 23 years 10% on all prices
Transportation to the veterinarian only for seniors: CHF 20.00 per hour, billed per quarter hour (excluding senior citizens).