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Nutritional Advice for Dogs


Nutritional advice for dogs

The nutritional science of the dog is concerned with the composition and effect of the nutrients, which is required for the welfare of the Dog under Human care. It is a challenging interdisciplinary science that consists of anatomy, physiology (food intake, digestion, absorption, egestion, recovery), ethology (food purchase and puppy care).


We advise and assist you and your dog, personally or online

scientifically based feeding advice:

  • Needs analysis for Dogs of all ages
  • Individual feeding plans for healthy Dogs for species-specific needs
  • Suggestions and tips for implementing a feeding plan for adults, seniors, puppies and young Dogs
  • Diet for special needs, for example, in pregnancy, lactation, increased motivation, special attitude
  • Diet of the Dog for special tasks
  • Diet plan for stress and high performance sports
  • Optimization of existing rations
  • reduction diets
  • Special feeding plans to accompany veterinary therapies, for example indigestion, food intolerance, hyperactivity, gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea, vomiting), kidneys, liver, heart, diabetes, allergic skin diseases, obesity, urinary stones
  • Advice and education in special feeding regimes, such as raw feeding (BARFen) or vegetarian diet
  • nutrition and behavior