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Purchase or adopt a Dog?

9 Apr 2021
by Dog is Awesome

What should be considered when buying a dog?

This should, first of all, be a fundamental question that one asks before acquiring a dog, like any other animal. Anyone who owns a dog or knows people who are dog owners will have registered that dogs change, but above all enrich, human life. However, buying a dog should by no means happen "on the stomach" and spontaneously, but it is important to first have a lot of intense thoughts, to research and to answer some of the questions listed below.

If you want to buy a dog, you must remember that it is not an object, but a living being with feeling, intellect and heart.

After all, the dog is a living thing with heart and feelings that you should not take so easily and then give away again. This would destroy the sensitive dog's soul.
Dogs are loyal, honest, reliable, protect and care for their people. humans can not find a more valuable friend and companion than a dog.
The following considerations should be given priority if you want to buy a dog and only if you can answer most - or even all - questions satisfactorily in favor of the animal, then the search for the right dog should start.
  • Do ALL family members make the decision?
  • A dog costs money (dog food, dog tax, veterinarian, etc.), do I have it?
  • Do I have the time, not just daily, but over a total of many - at least 10 years?
  • What happens to the dog during the holidays? What happens to him when I have to go to the hospital?
  • Which dog do I want? What size? Which dog breed?
  • Am I generally informed enough about the breed and the dog ownership?
  • Am I ready to go out in wind and weather? Am I ready to endure the filth and hair in the apartment?
  • Can I and the rest of the family members be consistent and loving in dog training?
  • Beginner or experienced dog owner?
Responsible dog sellers look closely at the customers, the potential new owners of a dog. And rightly so, because beginners should not only be advised more intensively, they should not get every dog. With the dog attitude it is like with the driver's license: First of all slow start and then give more gas. For example, easy-to-educate, quiet dogs are more suitable for dog owners newcomers than stubborn, extremely independent and lively animals that need a much more consistent hand.

Do I have enough time for the dog?

There are two components to consider in terms of time. On the one hand, it affects the age or the average life expectancy of the animal, on the other hand, the time that is available to a person in addition to his professional activity.
Dogs are on average 10 to 16 years old. Everybody should consider this when purchasing. In what way? Quite simple: Does this period coincide with my plans for the future? In other words: Elderly people have to think carefully about whether the purchase of a puppy might be synonymous with a possibly soon to be rescued dog. Young people should consider what family planning looks like and whether occupation, children and travel plans include a dog.
Next, consider the time a dog needs for care and spillage. It depends a lot on the size and breed of the animal. Therefore, when purchasing it is to be considered whether you tend to a sporty, move-happy dog, or a smaller and more comfortable pet dog, or a more modest such as an English Bulldog. Some dogs are more independent than others and can stay alone for a certain period of time. In addition, long-haired specimens require far more time for grooming than straight hair representatives.

Which dog is the right one for me?

The answer to this question is not very easy, and in principle one can answer these only for detailed information with dog connoisseurs. Ultimately, it is ideal if the dog - selects his own people - when visiting the shelter or a litter at the breeder. We personally can only confirm this: Our first dog from the shelter, did not have much interest in us. Animal shelter dogs always need a bit longer because there is a deep wound and frustration in these animals. We went for a long time with the dog again and again and on the third day he thawed and wanted to play and cuddle.
We also have our second dog from the shelter. Here it was very important that our first dog and the new dog fit together. This is a decision that can only be made slowly. It only takes patience and acquaintance between the two dogs. You can not just put a new dog in front of the first dog and say, you have to live with it now. It's a process that you have to give two dogs so that you can live happily ever after. Oftentimes, if you do not pay attention to your first dog and confront him with accomplished facts in such an important decision, it will end in depression or sometimes aggressiveness of the first dog and that certainly is in no way to have the idea of ​​a second dog.
But before that happens, you have to be aware of whether you prefer a large, a medium, or a small dog. The next question is about the race. Purebred? Hybrid? Character strong race? Sheepdog? Companion dog? Lapdog? In all of this, not only the personal inclinations may decide, but rather one's own living conditions should play a major role. Tip: Leave enough time for your thoughts and think about the welfare of the dog.

Should it be a puppy?

Puppies are cute, but at the same time they also mean more work and more nerves, because it is not only done with housebreaking, also the whole education of the animal is a responsible, time consuming and sometimes nerve-wracking task. Dog owners newbies like to underestimate the attitude of a puppy.
But if you want to buy a dog puppy, you should be very clear about which requirements have to be fulfilled, so that the puppy can become a happy dog ​​later on. For example, An Akita Inu puppy wants a home that offers him a lot of work and exercise.
It's worth taking a Sunday morning walk to see the nearby shelter, or a "taster session" with the whole family on the Internet. Puppies from the shelter are certainly not as common as adult dogs, but with a little patience and luck you can make it. For example, at the shelter APAD in Spain on the Costa Blanca (Denia) dog puppies are available several times a year. The volunteers and organization also has options for transports within Europe.

If you buy a puppy from the breeder

The puppy is usually handed over to new owners by reputable breeders in the eighth to tenth week. An essential decision criterion for choosing a puppy is the way he grows up. Part of a good early socialization is that he had from the beginning family connection (not just kennel) and a lot of physical and mental change (water, trips and car rides). The puppies who are not sleeping should make an interested and cheerful impression and not be afraid to react to the breeder. This early phase is formative and failures during this time can hardly be made up.

Where should I buy my dog?

An equally important question is that of the "where". There are several options: from the retailer, from private to advertisements, for example from newspapers or the Internet, from the breeder or from the shelter. The dog can be bought in the near or even further environment but also abroad.

Dogs from the breeder or from the shelter?

This question is probably fundamental for those who want to buy a dog. Some people, such as fans of certain breeds, categorically become the breeder of their choice; others, however, adopt the dog exclusively in the shelter. For both opinions there are pros and cons.
If you want to buy / adopt a dog, you should visit a shelter and have a look at the pets there.
In animal shelters there are many dogs in need. Mixed race as well as breed dogs and puppies. The best luck for a pet dog is to find a new home that guarantees its endurance and love.
However, a much larger number of dog lovers find it difficult to make such a sweeping decision. For the dog purchase in the shelter speak first moral reasons. The shelters are chronically overcrowded with enough dogs, all of whom want a real home. The adoption price, also known as protection fee, is also significantly lower than the breeder. There, however, very different aspects are in the foreground. Although today's animal shelters are much more dog-friendly than they were a few years ago, every dog ​​that sits in a shelter is happy when it comes to a family, a caregiver and does not have to share everything with everyone else. Depending on the sensitivity and length of stay, however, shelter dogs also have behavioral problems. These can be easier and pass quickly, but there can also be serious behavioral problems that need to be addressed with much love, patience and proper education - sometimes even with professional help. In any case, you will find a grateful and very loyal companion with a dog from the shelter.

Beware of mass breeding and pet traders

If you want to buy a dog, you will probably inquire about the right quadruped in different places. But beware, here in some places there are great dangers for humans and animals! Who buys a dog from one of the mass-breeding plants (Puppy mills), from dubious dealers or fraudsters, is not only waiting for disturbed animals and unnecessary veterinary costs, which also supports the further goings-on of such people who have decided to animal cruelty. Because nothing else is such mass breeding and sales! Help therefore to put an end to this dubious, animal-tormenting machination!

Conclusion to the dog purchase

A dog purchase or the purchase of an animal should be considered well and never a spontaneous action!
If you like, you can see under the category "Rescue Project" a few fur noses, which are urgently looking for a home and can be transported throughout Europe. We support the shelter APAD in Denia (Spain) on the Costa Blanca. We can recommend this shelter with a good conscience. We from Dog is Awesome help in this shelter as volunteers and know that all dogs are best cared for as possible, it is a clean and well-maintained facility and the medical treatment of sick animals are absolutely in the foreground.
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